Cold Room Installation

A Cold Room is a modular structure or walk-in room to keep given stock refrigerated at a cold temperature. The scale of cold rooms can vary from large commercial cold storage such as chillers and freezers to small cold rooms often used in labs, pharmacies and restaurants.

Key considerations for Cold Storage

When having a Cold Room Installation, you need to be clear about your requirements and needs. If for food storage for example, how much stock do you plan on keeping on-site daily, how often do you rotate stock or get deliveries? It’s key to give all the information to your chosen Cold Room supplier so they can offer the best choice to fit your requirements.

The location of your cold room installation is key. It needs to be functional and practical for the users of the stock. If the cold room is used daily, having it in an area easy to access will help your business run more efficiently. However, there needs to be a balance between not impacting the day-to-day running or taking away already utilised space. Often, in commercial kitchens, so the kitchen space isn’t taken away from, freezer rooms are located at the back of the building near the delivery bays which also helps transfer stock straight to the freezer once delivered.

You should always consider the option to scale your cold storage as your business expands. IS there any room to add another freezer or increase the size? Finding a new location can cost time and money, so it’s best to plan just in case, so you invest correctly the first time.